Solar Power For Homes
  • April 7, 2022

The world is beset with problems related to climate change. These include water shortages, global warming, and energy deficit, to name a few. Though a tad late, people – both individuals and corporations are taking drastic steps to mitigate these issues. Among them is the large scale adoption of renewable energy across the board.

When it comes to transportation, there are many options available. In some cases, people can even choose to avoid using vehicles altogether. But that isn’t the case with electricity. We can’t choose to not use it. But the good news is that there are now options to replace fossil fuels with solar, wind and other renewable sources that have become more efficient and affordable.

Hitherto, largely due to misinformation and a lack of understanding,  solar energy was viewed as inaccessible and expensive. As a result, it was dismissed as a ‘fad’ and viewed with much suspicion and scepticism. But today, with reality staring at us in the face and technological advancements in the solar energy field making it commercially viable, people have started seriously considering it as an option for their daily energy requirements.

As you get ready to switch over to solar power entirely or partially for your homes, there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Calculate your power requirements. This may sound complicated, but it is easy, thanks to the many calculators that are available online. One such calculator that is easy to use and applicable in most countries is the one from Omnicalculator. The Government Of India has another one specific for the Indian market here. These calculators will help you determine the number of panels and the capacity of the generator you will require.
  2. Feasibility: Take stock of your house, the surroundings, and the local weather throughout the year. Does your house receive enough sunshine throughout the year? Are you in a rain shadow area? If you are in an apartment, do you have access to the rooftop? Does your house have tall trees that obstruct the solar rays from reaching you? It is also important to check for local government regulations and permits required to install a solar plant at your premises.
  3. Location: Where are you planning to install the panels? Assess your home/ apartment rooftop/ lawns/ yards etc., to determine the area where you get direct sunlight for most of the day, which will help in maximising the power generation potential.
  4. Cabling: How easy is it to run the cables from the installed solar panels to the location where the solar generator will be installed? Is it well protected from the natural elements and free from vermin attack? Is it compliant with the local laws?
  5. Government benefits and subsidies: does your government – local or otherwise provide benefits like subsidies and tax breaks? Find out more and register for these benefits. Do you live in a country or area that allows you to connect your solar generator to the grid and sell excess power back to them? If yes, keeping your power requirements in mind, you will need to check for a solar generator that connects to the grid. Grid-connected generators make it easy for you to sell power to the power companies, Discoms, or Governments, as the case may be.

Once you have answered all these points, you can consider yourself ready for the next step – that is, to choose the right capacity of solar generator for your home.

If you have any questions about choosing a solar generator for your home, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in making the right choice. Once you start using solar energy to power your homes, you will notice the first benefit – reduced power bills, and you would be well on your way to being energy self-sufficient. It’s not just about savings on power tariffs, it is also about consistency and reliability in the power supply, taking comfort in the fact that you are producing and consuming clean and green energy, and helping the environment.

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