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SR Portables Handheld Lithium Solar Generator Thia, is an ideal power partner for outdoor expeditions like camping or travelling, as well as for charging electrical appliances at home. With a battery standby of up to 8hrs, it powers multiple small appliances like mobile phones, computers, TVs, lamps and more, especially during an unexpected blackout or power outage. These lightweight (1.5kgs) hand carry units provide power on-the-go and require zero installation and maintenance.

This sleek & compact all-in-one product comes with an in-built Inverter, PV charger, Li-Ion battery pack, LED lamp & LED torch, ensuring hassle-fee reliable power anywhere, anytime.

  • Safe, stable & durable – Emissions-free energy source and reliable battery management system makes it safe even for indoor use. While the capacity display & functions allow you to easily operate the product, the advanced circuit design warrants a safe and durable usage.
  • Silent, Sleek & Portable – Compact, lightweight & noise-free lithium solar generator that can be easily hand carried anywhere.
  • LED Lamp & Torch functionality – 5W LED lamp and 1.5W LED torch function, with two levels of brightness
  • Power – 130Wh storage with 100 watts output to power AC and DC appliances
  • Lower cost and user friendly – Utilize free & green solar energy to generate your power; Zero installation and maintenance required.
  • Durable – High efficiency and long-life
  • Convenient – Can be charged anywhere and anytime using a solar panel, adaptor (plug-in to the wall), car charger or external generator
  • Upto 8hr Battery standby ensures adequate power to charge your electronic essentials like a mobile, fan, lamp, refrigerator, TV, laptop, Wi-Fi and more.
  • Multiple outputs – AC, DC 12V X 4, USB -A 5V
  • Australian Made with 1-year warranty




Compact and light-weight – Handheld
Easy-to-use – Plug and play
Large battery storage (130Wh) and a reliable 100W AC Output
Noise free and non-polluting power generator
Advanced circuit design – safe and long-lasting
Battery capacity display with advanced safety protection system
Zero installation or maintenance required
Fast charging through solar panel or AC adapter
1 Phase AC Output enables you to connect household and electronic appliances
Sleek design, easy-to-carry (1.5kgs) and portable with LED torch/lamp for outdoor and indoor use (ideal for outdoor expeditions like camping)
Output AC output Rated voltage 220-240Vac
Rated power 100 W
Frequency 50Hz
DC12V output x 4 Rated voltage 9.0V – 12.6V
Rated current 2A
USB output x 2 Rated voltage 5V
Rated current 2A
LED Light 1.5W (High - Low)
LED Torch 5W (High - Low)
AC Input AC Wall charge 12.9V 2A (25w)
Solar PV Input Input voltage 12.9~24Vdc
Input power 40W (recommended) – 4 hours
Car charging Input Car charger 12.9V 2A
Battery Rated capacity 130Wh
Rated voltage 10.8 Vdc
Battery cell type Li-ion
Voltage range 9.0V – 12.6V
General Protection level IP21
Working environment condition Relative humidity: 5%-90%
Temperature: 0-45℃
Size L204*W90*H160.7mm
Net weight 1.5 kg
At musical festivals I run a tarot and palm reading area. The evening becomes difficult to function but is often a time I get most of my customers. I normally spend hours online looking for silly lights with tiny solar panels – no more inefficient irritating purchases that die from using it for a night. I bought Thia and this thing just keeps running it has been a year and easily 16 events and I have no issues – plug in your panels and charge all day while using then flip over to the battery when it gets dark and with its built in light options I don’t need anything additionally. I have found myself charging my tablet and watching an odd show while waiting for the next appointment.
– Shayla (2020)
I am an avid bird watcher and outdoor enthusiast and my husband, and we often find ourselves driving out into the great unknown. We find this has picked up after the rolling lockdowns and tend to drive off more frequently. We have recently bought the Thia unit. It is a solid product that charges my husband’s drone and my photography equipment simultaneously. I am happy to have it in our car as back up. Recently been told that the same company is launching an EV charging gun – with our EV car I am eagerly awaiting this new product. Remember to pack your solar panels and truly experience living off the land.
– Payal (2020)
Using it for working outdoors – incredibly happy with it.
– Gina (2020)
Working from home and often finding myself under the gazebo away from the family noise – Thia charges my laptop and with solar panels I am running my office out of the garden. Honestly, much more useful than I realized.
– Sanyukta (2020)
A reliable and silent partner is what I would call Thia while fishing. I carry a small portable fridge with me while I go fishing and boy could Thia keep it running and keep the beer chilled. I’ll be carrying this with me everywhere. It takes truly little space about as much as a large flashlight and provides two built in lighting options. Honestly, while back home the kids have mistaken it for a flashlight. Great buy. Will consider the larger units for a next purchase.
– Greg (2019)
Never be cut off again anywhere. Amazing device. Highly recommended.
– Dheeraj (2019)
I live on a farm and this doubles up as a highly practical flashlight and a functioning power back up option when checking on livestock away from the main house. I hope to buy a few more during the Christmas sale.
– Ryder (2019)
Here in North America with frequent storms lately we have wanted to equip our house with back up generators and bought the Titan. As an impulse buy, we bought the smallest offering of this company the handy little Thia. When the lights go out or you need to head into the yard or simply work outdoors there is nothing better than this handy little device. It operates with solar panels or if charged on its own. Charges with everything and is so easy to carry around. A must buy for emergency back up for homes. I am so glad we did.
– Alex (2019)
A group of trekking enthusiasts like ourselves head out regularly on trips into the great outdoors. The reality is that you cut away from civilization and live with minimal and basic requirements. However, on some occasions back up is required that’s where Thia has come into great use. We finally have light beyond 4pm where normally we must set camp before this time. We were also able to charge our phones and iPad/tablets. A great option to provide back up on a trip and exceptionally light to carry with you while trekking.
– Joe (2018)
Teaching my girls about safety and found this product to keep in their cars. Uniquely positioned to be small but effective. Bought three one for each child – will be considering a larger purchase for myself that can help with yard work.
– Cody (2018)

Q: What type of battery is used in the solar generator?
A: All our solar generators use premium lithium-ion battery cells by Grade A manufactures.

Q: How can I find out if my generator can power a particular appliance?
A: Step 1: Check the power rating or output power (Watts = Amps x Volts) of the appliance that you wish to run on the generator.
Step 2: Check the AC output power (inverter output) of the SR Portables solar generator.
If the solar generator inverter output is more than the power requirement then that appliance can be powered with the generator.
E.g. a HP LaserJet printer uses 2 watts when it is idle. This can be supported by our Thia generator (100 watts output) or by our Cleo generator (300 watts output). However, when the printer is printing the power consumption goes up to 250 watts. In this case, we would recommend our Cleo product as the power requirement is more than 100 watts.

Q: How can I find out how many hours I can power a particular appliance?
A: The number of hours can be calculated by looking at the power rating or output power of the appliance (Watts = Amps x Volts) and dividing it by the battery capacity of the solar generator. E.g. A laptop requires 50watts of power and can be used for 8 hours on the Cleo generator (400wh/50watts = 8 hours).

Q: Can I use my portable solar generator to power my CPAP machine?
A: Yes, most CPAP machines are between 30-60 watts. Our smallest generator Thia has a 100watt output and can easily power the CPAP machine for over 4 hours. The Cleo and Minotaur generator will power the machine for a lot longer.

Q: Do my solar generators support pass through charging?
A: All SR Portables solar generators support pass through charging i.e., you can charge the unit (through solar or the grid) and power appliances at the same time.

Q: How do I store my solar generator if I don’t use it for a long time?
A: Please store the solar generator indoors within 0-40℃. We recommend recharging it every 3-month to keep the battery power above 50% if you do not use it frequently to maintain a long lifespan.

Q: Can I use a third-party solar panel to charge my solar generators?
A: Yes, you can. You will need to check the Input voltage (refer to the Technical specifications – PV input for each generator to get the acceptable voltage range) and input port to connect the solar panel (DC for Thia and MC4 for Cleo and Minotaur).
We recommend using the SR Portables solar panels with our solar generators as they have been extensively tested with our products and we guarantee their safety, performance, quality and after-sales service.

Q: Are charging cables included in the package?
A: All solar generators come with a AC adaptor, solar charging cable and car charging cable.

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