Minotaur UPS dimensionsMinotaur UPS how to chargeMinotaur UPS charging timesMinotaur UPS Charging timesMinotaur UPS Screen PartsMinotaur UPS main
Minotaur UPS main
Minotaur UPS dimensions
Minotaur UPS how to charge
Minotaur UPS charging times
Minotaur UPS Charging times
Minotaur UPS Screen Parts
Minotaur UPS main

Minotaur UPS


Product Description

SR Portables Handheld Lithium Solar All-in-one Minotaur UPS, is an ideal and reliable power source for charging multiple electronic devices at home, or during outdoor expeditions like camping or travelling, or to power larger energy heavy equipment used for maintenance and construction. With a battery standby of over 8hrs, it powers multiple electronic appliances like mobile phones, computers, TVs, digital cameras, power tools and more, especially during an unexpected blackout or power outage. These hand-carry units provide power on-the-go and require zero installation and maintenance.

This sleek & compact all-in-one product comes with an in-built Inverter, PV charger, Li-Ion battery pack, ensuring hassle-free reliable power anywhere, anytime.

This product is available only in South Asia and Africa.

  • Safe, stable & durable –Emissions-free energy source and reliable battery management system makes it safe even for indoor use. While the capacity display & functions allow you to easily operate the product, the advanced circuit design warrants a safe and durable usage.
  • Silent, Sleek & Portable –Compact, lightweight & noise-free lithium solar generator that can be easily hand-carried anywhere.
  • Lower cost and user friendly– Utilize free & green solar energy to generate your power.
  • LCD capacity display – Make it easy to operate the product while advanced circuit design ensures safety and durability.
  • Compact Unit – An all-in-one product covers all your needs with an in-built Inverter, UPS, PV charger, and Li-Ion battery pack.
  • Power– 1395Wh storage with 1200 watts pure sine wave output to power AC and DC appliances.
  • Durable and Long Life: Aluminium Alloy makes it ideal for rugged and outdoor usage in extreme conditions. It is also IP54 rated, making it suitable for even maritime use.
  • Convenient – Can be charged anywhere and anytime using a solar panel, adaptor (plug-in to the wall), car charger or external generator.
  • Plug-n-play – Simple to use with zero installation and maintenance requirements and a long life (up to 8 times longer).
  • Over 8hr Battery standby ensures adequate power to charge your energy heavy electronic essentials like mobiles, fans, lamps, refrigerators, TV, laptop, Wi-Fi, coffee machines, power tools and more.
  • Multiple outputs – AC x 2, DC: 4 x USB QC, 1 Type C1, 1 Type C2 , 12V Cigarette lighter x 1, 12 V Aviation Socket
  • Made In Australia with 1-year warranty.

The Minotaur UPS also comes with the option of an extendable battery(1395Wh) which is also rated IP54.

Minotaur Extendable Battery Minotaur Portable Solar Power Generator Extendable Battery




Compact and light-weight – Handheld
Easy-to-use – Plug and play
Large battery storage (1395Wh) and a reliable 1200W pure sine wave AC Output
Noise-free and non-polluting power generator
Advanced circuit design – safe and long-lasting
Aluminium Alloy makes it ideal for rugged and outdoor usage in extreme conditions. Rated IP54 making it suitable for maritime use as well
Battery capacity display with advanced safety protection system
Zero installation or maintenance required
Fast charging through solar panel or AC adapter
1 Phase AC Output enables you to connect household and electronic appliances
Sleek design, easy-to-carry (11kgs) and portable for outdoor and indoor use (ideal for outdoor expeditions like camping)
Battery Battery Capacity 1395wh
Battery Type Li-ion Battery, 4000+ cycles to 80%
Rated Voltage 14.8V
AC Output Rated Output Power 1200W
Output Voltage 100V/110V or 220V/230V/240V
Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz (adjustable)
Overload Ability 100%
DC Output DC output 13.5V, 8A
USB output 5v, 3A (QC - BC1.2, Apple, Samsung)
Type-C output 5V3A, 9V3A ,12V3A ,15V3A , 20V2.25A (QC - PD2.0 (45W)
PV Charge Max Input Power 400W (max)
MPPT Input Voltage 12V~42V 10A, 400W Max
MPPT Efficiency 99.50%
AC Charge AC Adapter charge 42V / 160W
General Working Condition Relative Humidity: 10%~90%
Temperature: 0~45℃ (charge). 0~60℃ (discharge)
Product Dimension 430*257*H261.5mm
Net Weight (kgs) 15
★★★★ The Minoatur UPS has a compact design. It's easy to install, and the LCD display shows battery status, solar charging efficiency, and power output. Battery life is impressive. With a large capacity battery and intelligent power management, my appliances can run for a significant duration. The built-in inverter sets it apart from traditional UPS systems. No need for a separate inverter, saving cost and hassle. The built-in inverter handles appliance load smoothly, providing reliable power. – Govind (2023)
★★★★★ The all-in-one Minotaur UPS has helped me immensely during power outages. This incredible device charges my home appliances, including the fridge and fans, without requiring an additional inverter. The convenience of having a single device to power multiple appliances is unbeatable. No more connecting various devices during outages. It simplifies the process, saving time and effort.   – Madhu (2023)

Q: What type of battery is used in the solar generator?
A: All our solar generators use premium lithium-ion battery cells by Grade A manufactures.

Q: How can I find out if my generator can power a particular appliance?
A: Step 1: Check the power rating or output power (Watts = Amps x Volts) of the appliance that you wish to run on the generator.
Step 2: Check the AC output power (inverter output) of the SR Portables solar generator.
If the solar generator inverter output is more than the power requirement then that appliance can be powered with the generator.
E.g. a HP LaserJet printer uses 2 watts when it is idle. This can be supported by our Thia generator (100 watts output) or by our Cleo generator (300 watts output). However, when the printer is printing the power consumption goes up to 250 watts. In this case, we would recommend our Cleo product as the power requirement is more than 100 watts.

Q: How can I find out how many hours I can power a particular appliance?
A: The number of hours can be calculated by looking at the power rating or output power of the appliance (Watts = Amps x Volts) and dividing it by the battery capacity of the solar generator. E.g. A laptop requires 50watts of power and can be used for 8 hours on the Cleo generator (400wh/50watts = 8 hours).

Q: Can I use my portable solar generator to power my CPAP machine?
A: Yes, most CPAP machines are between 30-60 watts. Our smallest generator Thia has a 100watt output and can easily power the CPAP machine for over 4 hours. The Cleo and Minotaur generator will power the machine for a lot longer.

Q: Do my solar generators support pass through charging?
A: All SR Portables solar generators support pass through charging i.e., you can charge the unit (through solar or the grid) and power appliances at the same time.

Q: How do I store my solar generator if I don’t use it for a long time?
A: Please store the solar generator indoors within 0-40℃. We recommend recharging it every 3-month to keep the battery power above 50% if you do not use it frequently to maintain a long lifespan.

Q: Can I use a third-party solar panel to charge my solar generators?
A: Yes, you can. You will need to check the Input voltage (refer to the Technical specifications – PV input for each generator to get the acceptable voltage range) and input port to connect the solar panel (DC for Thia and MC4 for Cleo and Minotaur).
We recommend using the SR Portables solar panels with our solar generators as they have been extensively tested with our products and we guarantee their safety, performance, quality and after-sales service.

Q: Are charging cables included in the package?
A: All solar generators come with a AC adaptor, solar charging cable and car charging cable.

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User Manual

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