Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel 100W


Product Description

SR Portables 100W Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel is a highly portable charging solution for outdoor trips. Weather resistant, it includes a bypass diode that minimises power drop in low light/shade and requires zero maintenance.

These portable foldable panels can be carried anywhere easily to generator solar power anywhere, anytime. They can be stored for extended periods of time and are easily deployed when solar power is required during outdoor excursions, vacations or during emergency backup power. It can be hung on a tent, tree, backpack, or just lay it flat on the ground after expansion to start generating solar power.

This eco-friendly and foldable solar panel comes with a cable, junction box and warranty card (25-year performance and 10-year guarantee on product).

  • Robust and Durable – Made with PET (for higher transmission efficiency), EVA resin encapsulation (for better protection of modules) and weather resistant The panel can operate in -40C to 80C temperatures.
  • Portable and Foldable – Easy to carry and fold at 2kg, has its own handle and bracket, which makes it perfectly suited for outdoors. It is 53.5cm x 47cm x 5cm folded and 160cm x 53 0.3cm opened.
  • Waterproof – Made with Oxford waterproof cloth.
  • Power: 100W – 18 Volt 5A Max output with 25 linear power output warranty
  • Quality Components – Panels are made of Monocrystalline and a sturdy ultra-cleared tempered that gives 21.4% cell efficiency.
  • Designed in Australia – With warranty card (25-year performance and 10-year guarantee on product), IP X4 rated junction box, and MC4 compatible cable connector for higher module efficiency




Portable, foldable and easy-to-carry at 4.2kg
High efficiency 100W – 18 Volt up to 5A and well-suited for outdoors
Safe and durable
Easy to set-up
Support simultaneous charging of devices
Rugged durability
Items Spec
Maximum Power 100W
Solar Cell Type Monocrystalline
Cell Efficiency 21.4%
Maximum Operating Current (Imp) 5.04A
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp) 19.86V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 23.7V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 5.34A
Output Tolerance Wattage ±3%
DC Output Connector DC5521 x1 or Other Type
DC Output Current 18V 5A Max.
USB-A Output 5V 3A (Optional)
USB-A Output QC3.0 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A (Optional)
IP Rating IPX4
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ 80℃
Expanded Size 1600x530x3mm
Foldable Size 535x470x50mm
Net Weight 4.2kg
Best ever solar 100 w panels – I’ve bought from 2 other places and yes I am back for more because they were ineffective. I was cautious because they have priced it lower, but the quality is noticeably superior.
– Tony Albert (2019)
The pairing has been thought out. I bought 100 W panels with the Cleo. Smart looking and high functioning. Good job SR portables.
– Abhishek (2019)
Decoding using solar made easier. Their own website contains a lot of information so if you have any concerns you can mostly figure it out from there. I have liked this company and the panels so far.
– Angelina (2020)
Excellent value for Money. A little cheaper than competitors.
– Agustono (2019)
A great option for solar panels from the land down under. It comes with Aus made assurance to boot. I bought the 100W panels with the Cleo. A mighty little combo.
– Vincent (2020)
This solar panel kit comes with the option of buying the Cleo. It also comes equipped with a waterproof travel bag for the solar panels which I found to be very handy. All in all, it works very well.
– Aluwahlia (2019)
I have bought the solar panels 100w and the UV sanitizer handheld wand from this company and would recommend first time buyer of solar panels. Easy to use and simple instructions.
– Sonya (2020)
My son and I bought the 100-w panel to take with us for camping. They work brilliantly and I and now looking to buy the Cleo.
– Robert (2020)
A must for anyone who wants to buy panels – they have options but not too many and are well explained. I bought the 100-w kit.
– Tarika (2019)
If using solar was this easy I am wondering why I wasted all this time with gasoline gensets. Will be experimenting with their product line more.
– Todd Matthews (2019)

Q: Is the solar panel waterproof?
A: Yes, the solar panel is made from high-strength PET polymer laminated solar panels integrated into a rugged Oxford fabric waterproof cloth, with an extremely lightweight, compact structure that provides excellent wear/weather-resistant durability.

Q: Which SR Portables Solar Generator is this panel compatible with?
A: We recommend using this panel with the Cleo handheld lithium solar generator.

Q: How do you connect the solar panel to the SR Portables Cleo handheld solar generator?
A: The solar panel comes with a MC4 cable which is a plug-n-play input into the Cleo product. Simply connect the MC4 cable from the panel and start charging.

Q: Does the panel come with a solar charge controller?
A: This solar panels DO NOT include a Solar Charge Controller. A 10A Solar Charge Controller can be purchased separately.
Note: Always use a Solar Panel with a matching Solar Charge Controller when using with battery – attaching a panel directly to a battery is not advisable. The SR Portables Cleo product has a solar charge controller ALREADY integrated in the product and a separate charge controller is not needed to charge the Cleo product.

How To Charge :

What The Box Contains:

User Manual

Download our user manual for Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel (100W)

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