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UV Disinfectant Box with wireless charger


Product Description

SR Portables UV Disinfectant Box with wireless charger (10W) is an effective sanitisation tool for your home, office and while travelling.  With this user-friendly solution, you can sterilize multiple products and devices on-the-go in under 5 minutes with the touch of a button. Additionally, you charge compatible mobile devices with the mobile wireless charging pad built into the top.

This stylish, portable (365gms) and durable device provides 360degrees disinfection (99.9% sterilization) and has in built protection against automatic opening. It comes with an external USB charging cable and user manual.

  • Sterilize and charge your mobile phones simalteneously – 360-degree sterilization of your devices and hassle- wireless mobile charging (10W output)
  • Charging cycle, Power and Battery – 2x Ultraviolet LED 265nm with radiated power 2mW; disinfection cycles of 60s/300seconds, DC 5V/9V 2A type C cable and Li-Ion 1000mAh battery
  • Portable – Lightweight (365gms) and compact 7 x 10.3 x 4.5 cm
  • Highest Safety Standards – Comes with a protection device against opening and accidental exposure to UV light




99.9% sterilization; Cleans small objects like cash, masks and jewellery besides mobile phones
Portable and compact (365gms)
Built in wireless charging pad compatible with all mobile phones
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Sterilize multiple object simultaneously
  • Input: DC 5V/9V 2A type-C cable
  • Wireless output: 10W
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • UV light Power: 2W*2
  • Disinfection cycle: 60s/300s
  • Product Size: 190*95.8*38mm
  • Product Weight: 305gms
  • Sterilizer case size: 170*86.7*21mm
  • Material: ABS 94-V1
  • Sterilizer components:
    • Ultraviolet LED *2 265nm radiated power 2mW
    • Sterilizer case
    • Accidental opening protection device
An absolute godsend in this time of the Corona Virus.
– Seth (2020)
I was so phobic about leaving the house during this pandemic when things finally opened when my dad sent me this to help me out. It’s UV light kills everything. I hang onto it for dear life!
– Rosie (2020)
I run a kindergarten and germs are rife. Kids come in and put their bits and bobs in this and we clean their toys with torch after they go home. Definitely many less germs to worry about.
– Claire Haines (2019)
I keep this on my desk at work and it sanitizes everything from my keys to my phone. A great buy for the times we live in.
– Timothy (2020)
A germophobe’s dream – it sanitizes everything possible.
– Steve (2020)
I keep this with sanitizer in my car and I can be safe while I step out.
– Irene Choo (2020)
We all travel in public transport and live busy lives side by side with the virus. At some point we all must live but since I got this for the kids and for my wife and I we all feel far more comfortable to go about our daily lives.
– Paul Clark (2020)
I would personally gift this to everyone I know – phones carry a multitude of germs. Think about it we put them to our face and keep them down on any and every surface conceivable from restaurants to bathrooms. Its gross what all lives on there. This sanitizer not only keeps my phone clean but keeps me feeling safe.
– Davina (2020)
Such a perfect product for its time. Not only has it been clinically proven but it absolutely works through several home experiments we conducted.
– The Harvingtons Family (2020)
Particularly useful product for everyday life with the corona virus.
– Siddy T (2020)

Q: Can I sterilize other items than my phone?
A: Yes, you can sterilize just about any object that can fit inside the box.

Q: Can I charge my phone and UV-C sterilize at the same time?
A: Yes, you can use the fast wireless mobile charger on the top of the box as the sterilization process is on for the other items inside the box.

Q: Is UV-C light harmful? Is the UV-C sterilizer safe?
A: This device is 100% safe to use. UV-C is harmful to our eyes hence the sterilization process in our product is done within a controlled environment. You will never see the UV light that is killing all the germs on our objects.

The device is installed with a safety magnetic switch at the lid – if the lid is open then the UV-C light is automatically deactivated.

Q: How does the UV-C sterilizer work?
A: Simply place your phone or other accessories/objects in the Sterilizer box and close the lid. Press the button on top to activate a 1 to 5 min sterilization cycle. During the active sterilization cycle, a powerful UV-C light is emitted that kills 99% of the germs.

This UV-C light effectively destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart bacteria DNA. With their DNA broken, bacteria cannot function or reproduce.

Q: Does it work on the bottom of my phone?
A: The Sterilizer offers 360-degree protection and ensure disinfection even on the bottom of your phone or object.

Q: Will the UV-C sterilizer harm my phone?
A: The UV-C light is not hot, so while it is extremely efficient in killing disease causing germs and pathogens it does not harm your phone or any other gadget.

You can feel confident that your phone and other accessories are safe inside the sterilizer, but the germs are not!

Q: Does the UV Sterilizer kill Coronavirus?
A:  According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (USA), UV-C light, in addition to household bacteria and germs, has been shown to destroy related coronaviruses including the one that causes the MERS disease, so it is probable that UV-C is effective in destroying the novel Covid-19.

Q: Why do I need to sterilize my phone?
A:  According to a research by the University of Arizona, published by TIME magazine, our mobile phones carry 7-10 times more germs than a toilet seat. Imagine the germs in proximity of your face every time you get on a call. Regular sterilization will keep you safe from diseases.

Q: Which phones does the wireless charger support?
A: The built-in wireless charging pad is compatible with all mobile phones.

How To Charge :

What The Box Contains:

User Manual

Download our user manual for UV Disinfectant Box with wireless charger