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SR Portables UV Handheld Disinfectant Rod is a sleek, compact, light-weight and easy to carry travel companion that cleans and sterilizes 99% of any surface – be it your home, office or car. It can be easily carried in your handbag, backpack or luggage, providing disinfection on-the-go with a simple press and scan action.  The rod cleans surfaces with a quick sweep of 20-30 seconds at a distance of 5 cms and can support continued usage for 90 mins with 2 mins per cycle.  It must not be pointed directly at the eyes or on the skin.

This product comes with a multi-use USB charging port, user manual and 1-year guarantee.

Product Description

SR Portables Solar LED Camping/Emergency Lantern is a 100% safe outdoor power solution. Smart and stylishly designed, it is environmentally friendly and durable. This compact lantern (150gms) is foldable (fits in your pocket) and doubles up as a flashlight or emergency charger for your phone or any USB devices.

A lightweight solution for emergencies, and on-the-go lighting, it is useful for every household, especially in case of power outages. It provides 360-degree lighting, runs for 5-6 hours on a full charge, and comes with a smart protection chip and a USB charging cable.

Product Description

SR Portables UV Disinfectant Box with wireless charger (10W) is an effective sanitisation tool for your home, office and while travelling.  With this user-friendly solution, you can sterilise multiple products and devices on-the-go in under 5 minutes with the touch of a button. Additionally, you charge compatible mobile devices with the mobile wireless charging pad built into the top.

This stylish, portable (365gms) and durable device provides 360degrees disinfection (99.9% sterilisation) and has in built protection against automatic opening. It comes with an external USB charging cable and user manual.

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